Welcome at theViewer

EAsiest way to create vr Tours

You need less then 20 min to turn your DESIGN
into a stunning VR Experience

Welcome at theViewer


WAy TO CreatE

VR Tours

You need less then 20 min
to turn your deisgn
into VR Experience



Thanks to theViewer ,all your VR Tours can be embedded directly on your website. It's as easy as pasting few lines of code.

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MAgic Links


The easiest and most convenient way to share your content in the app directly.
No user account required from your customers.

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Shared Experience


Only in theViewer you have the possibility to meet your customer in VR, and properly guide him through your design.

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Actively used by over 4'000 professionals world wide ...

whatever you need

TO create, MODIFY and SHARE high quality VR Experiences.

theViewer is designed to make it easy for you to share your content in the best possible way with your customers .

  • Warps allowing you to travel from pano to pano
  • Floor Plan
  • Custom background sound per VR Tour
  • Share links allowing you to embed the tour on your site
  • Magic links allow you to share your content without the need for your customers to create accounyt
  • Shared Experience allowing you to meet your customer in VR
  • VR Markups in Shared Experience

Supported platforms

Once your tour is created, you can view it, share it and embed on your website immediately.

Moreover, theViewer VR tours can be viewed not only on the web, but also offline via our Android, iOS, GearVR , Oculus Rift and and also DayDream apps.

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Google Daydream
Samsung GearVR
Oculus Rift + Touch

Plans & Pricing

This is what we can offer you!




  • Full functionality of warp editor
  • Web Embedding with a link to theViewer
  • Magic links
  • Unlimited Panos
  • Max 3 VR Tours per account




  • Public Tours are hidden - only your content
  • Unlimited Tours and panos
  • Premium Magic Links for customers
  • Web Embedding, without links to theViewer
  • Shared Experience



Warp Editor is an online tool that allows you in a very easy way to create a professional VR Tour.

Simplicity is one of our core values and thats why whatever we do we always focus on making the process extremely easy and enjoyable for all users.

Currently Warp Editor supports only Spherical Mono and Stereo images ,but we are already working on adding Cube Maps

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